Legends of Crypto, LOC

NFTs have added a new dimension to the crypto space, creating ripples in the market, the likes of which haven’t been seen in a long time. Legends of Crypto (LOC) is one of the most highly anticipated NFT projects that is currently in the initial phase of market penetration. Legends of Crypto hopes to become a gaming ecosystem for both the crypto gaming community and traditional gamers. It leverages DeFi and a DAO governance model, bringing gamers a unique NFT game that allows them to collect, earn, and play.

A Brief Introduction to Legends of Crypto

Remember the collectible and trading card games that you used to play? Legends of Crypto is like that in a lot of ways. It is an NFT project wrapped as a collectible trading card game that utilizes blockchain technology. It takes a unique approach, focusing on the crypto industry and its prominent members and influencers.

The game is powered by the Ethereum and Matic blockchains. Matic powers the underlying DeFi economy of the game, the game core, and the DAO governance model. Using the Matic network allows for cross-chain playability, lower transaction costs, higher transaction speeds, and a bridge to the Ethereum blockchain. Using Ethereum and Matic brings greater stability and efficiency to the Legends of Crypto ecosystem.

Players that own NFT cards can earn rewards from prize pools. The game’s ability to leverage DeFi and DAO governance creates a sustainable gaming ecosystem.

The various characters featured in the game are prominent members and influencers from the crypto industry. Each character is placed into different categories, which are:

  • Top blockchains
  • Top cryptocurrencies
  • DeFi legends
  • Crypto cities
  • NFT legends

Some notable characters in the game are the Crypto Whale Investor and Binance’s CZ.

How To Play Legends of Crypto

Legends of Crypto is pretty simple to play, working as a top trump style card game. Each card contains a set of numerical data, and the cards are distributed equally between the players. The players have to win by comparing the value of the cards and trump the value of the opposing card by playing a similar card of higher value.

Since each card is from a different category, players can choose the category of cards they want to play with – the player who has the cards with the highest value in the particular category is the winner.

Legends of Crypto also has a built-in referral program that acts as an incentive for users to play more and invite people to join the platform.

The $LOCG Token

The $LOCG token is the native cryptocurrency of the Legends of Crypto game and ecosystem. The token acts as the primary mode of payment, helps in the distribution of rewards in the game, and acts as the governance token. It is also used to provide incentives to the players to continue playing the game.

Legend of Crypto’s $LOCG token is compatible with both Matic and ERC-20, with its supply capped at 150,000,000 tokens. Some of the use cases of the $LOCG token are:

  • Legends of Crypto tries to incentivize players to participate and play the game as much as they can by adopting a pay-for-play model. The idea behind it is simple – the more you play the game, the more $LOCG you receive.
  • When a player buys NFT cards or decks from the Legends of Crypto marketplace, they receive kickbacks in the form of $LOCG.
  • Players can stake their $LOCG tokens in staking pools, receiving NFT airdrops in return.
  • The $LOCG token also acts as a governance token, giving token holders the power to vote on changes to the game, suggest changes to the game, and ask for new features and card editions. Certain $LOCG token holders, if they own enough of the tokens, can also be appointed to the DAO LOC Council.
  • The $LOCG token gives holders the ability to change features in some of the rarest NFT cards.
  • Players that pay using the $LOCG token can receive discounts on decks and NFT cards.

Gameplay and Features

Players can choose from characters in the game, all of which are easily recognizable if they are familiar with the crypto industry. The characters chosen by the team are designed to evoke familiarity among the players and push players to buy more NFT cards.

The game has six different criteria, with each of them having assigned scores on a scale of 1-100. The criteria are innovation, dev skills, networth, community, impact, and influence. Players choose the categories during the game, with the player who scores the highest number of cards in the selected category wins the game.

Since Legends of Crypto is a multiplayer game, you need a minimum of two and a maximum of six players to play the game. Players can stake their NFTs and earn crypto, or use their $LOCG tokens and farm rare NFTs.

Each NFT comes with its unique design and rarity. Players can trade them on the LOC or third-party marketplaces like Open-Sea.

The Team Behind Legends of Crypto

The Legends of Crypto team has experience and is extremely passionate about the crypto space and blockchain technology. The brains behind Legends of Crypto are Mik Mironov, Lise Lefebvre, and Mathew Sayed.

They are backed by an advisory team that brings a wealth of experience in NFTs, blockchain technology, and gaming.

The team at Legends of Crypto hopes to create a gaming ecosystem that is decentralized and beneficial to the gaming community at large. The team believes that the partnerships they have fostered and the unique product offerings will drive up the popularity of Legends of Crypto, giving the game a significant boost.

With the team having a clear roadmap for 2021 and the game’s unique gameplay, Legends of Crypto is poised to create an ecosystem fueled by the growth of NFTs. Legends of Crypto is certainly a game that you should keep your eye on if you are into the NFT space.

The private investment round was led by top blockchain venture capital firms LD Capital, SL2, Signum Capital, NGC and Moonwhale Ventures.

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